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"I had very short lashes do to years of fake lashes and glue. I used the lilash serum as prescribed for 30 days and they grew twice as long. I only have to put a couple coats of mascara on now for them to darken up. I was very skeptical at first, especially reading the reviews...10/10 would recommend!"


Samantha Marasco


"Simply, I love this serum. Without it, i just didn’t have visible brows - they disappeared after going through chemo, never to return in full. Using librow gives me back my face. It is a bit costly, though. So i think of it as my birthday and christmas presents to myself."




"I wrote a review a month or so ago and I wasn’t happy because I didn’t see much result from my LiLash serum that I’d been using for several weeks...I kept with it and at maybe the 6 to 7 week mark my eyelashes have suddenly become long and lush! My advice to anyone who doesn’t see short term benefit is - keep using it! I’m absolutely thrilled with the result."




"After getting alopecia around my hairline and my eyebrows falling out, my lashes became sparse and shorter. A friend recommend Li Lash . It was the best advice! The serum worked as promised and as long as I keep using it each week, (but not every day ), my lashes are long and visible. I can't tell you how that makes me feel to have lashes again! I've now got my Mum using it as well! Thanks Li Lash!"


Nicola Matthews


"I don't have a lot of brow hair naturally so it took longer than usual using this product. However I stuck with it and am glad I did, My brows look so much better. They will never be super full, but I am very satisfied so will continue using this product. Thanks LiBrow."



VERY Highly Recommended

"I’ve been using both eye & brow serum for awhile now. the results are spectacular. My eye lashes are longer and much thicker. My eye brows, which were once quite scarce, are filled in, on the point of being bushy!! VERY Highly Recommended."



provided results very quickly

"My eyebrows are thin and lop sided from years of over plucking. Never thought I’d get them growing again, back to their normal shape/thickness but LiLash has provided results very quickly. Loving watching them grow and fill out more and more everyday




I was losing my eye lashes and what was left were short. My mom uses LiLash with excellent results. My lashes filled back in thicker and are amazing long. Now, I get compliments what pretty eye lashes I have. I’m so thrilled with the results!



LiLash DOES work!

"Been using LiLash for my lashes for over a year and I am a walking advertisement. People usually assume that I am wearing fake eyelashes, but I am happy to tell them that they are MY lashes and that I got these great long lashes from LiLash!! I am living testimony that LiLash DOES work!!"



I am in love

"I am in love. My lashes are way way longer than they would be naturally! The application is very simple and easy. Even though my skin is very sensitive (neurodermitis) there have been no issues."



Long beautiful lashes!!

"I was apprehensive at first and it literally took the three months to really see the difference. But..after the three months my lashes are so long almost too long. It’s so easy. Just a swipe over the lid, let it dry and you’re done. Long beautiful lashes!!"



This serum actually works

"This serum actually works and it didn't harm my eyes. I used the grande lash and my eyes got so red and puffy from just using it 2 nights. I did not experience this with this product whatsoever. I saw results within weeks and my friends noticed it too"



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My mom turned me onto Lilash back in 2014 after a BBQ fiasco and let me tell you there is not a product that delivers better than this. I just recently had my lash extensions taken off in Janurary (listen, it was a phase ok?) and my lashes were baaad. More beat up than I care to admit. After only 4 weeks of using the lash serum I am a new woman. My lashes are longer than the legs on a Daddy Long Leg spider. These lashes have their own zip code. They’re getting caught in my eyebrows. Almost ten years later and I will never spend money on any other lash growth serum.



Love the product!

Several years ago I started to use Li Lash and my lashes got so long, they hit my glasses. I quit using it due to eye surgery.After cancer treatments, 2 months following my last chemo treatment, I lost my eye lashes and eye brows. My hair was starting to grow back so it took me by suprise. I have been using the brow and lash serum for 6 weeks now. My brows are comming back thicker than before. Eye lashes are begining to return.



I’m so amazed

A friend showed me before and after pictures of her eyebrows, so I tried it. I’m so amazed that it really works. My sister asked me what I was using on my eyebrows. She bought it and is using it now too!



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